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Holistic Cure for the Flu

by Dave Christensen

Chills, Fever, Congestion, Body Aches?

For over fifteen years, whenever I’ve had the flu, I’m talking about the point of being contagious and shivering with  fever, I have used this juicing recipe to cure it. Rather than paying $90-$150 to see a doctor and obtain a prescription of antibiotics, I have used my juicer, a couple cloves of garlic, and carrots to cure the flu.( Maybe $5.00)

Cold vs. Flu
Cold vs. Flu

Warning: If you are allergic to garlic, or carrots, please disregard this remedy for your health sake.

To start this remedy you need a juicer that can turn a carrot into juice as fast as you can feed it. This is the only major purchase you may need. I recommend a Waring commercial juice extractor often available at Smart n’ Final. If you have a juicer of that capacity, you can start saving money now. Here’s my recipe:

  • Run a couple cloves of garlic (2-3) through the juicer along with an ounce of water (shot glass) and catch that juice and set it aside.
  • Immediately juice 6-8 carrots into a large glass and set it aside.
  • In this phase, keep in mind these words, “DO NOT SWALLOW”
  • Take the ounce of garlic juice; gargle it for 15-30 seconds then spit it out.
  • Take the carrot juice; drink it. Yes you may swallow.
  • Brush your teeth.

You will feel an immediate burning sensation because what is happening is the garlic is killing the infection in your throat.The benefits of garlic’s “Anti-microbial effect” efficiently combats bacterial viruses for immediate relief of congestion in the ears, nose, and throat. Most likely you won’t make it to 30 seconds the first time you gargle, but do all you can to make it to 15 seconds. You will live. After you spew it out, chase it with the carrot juice, then brush your teeth.

Drinking the carrot juice doubles the infection fighting vitamins and minerals the body needs to battle infection.

How the Flu Works
How the Flu Works

The garlic meshed with carrot juice is ingested into your body, fortifying the vitamins, and absorbing throughout the bloodstream the “antimicrobial “ effects that purify your blood; if used regularly will detoxify your liver. WebMD has some interesting facts on garlic you might enjoy, follow the above link for more information.

I Do What?!

Of course you’re thinking; “Wait a minute, gargle with garlic?” Remember, you are contagious and shivering with fever. You need to be quarantined anyway. Spend the rest of the day in bed. Your body now has relief and at this point you will regain the sleep you had lost.This is why I recommend you wait til this point to use this remedy. After you’ve brushed your teeth, there is a very pleasant sweet taste in your mouth. You  also have experienced an immediate relief of congestion in the ears, nose and throat. No other flu remedies needed. The longest any flu virus has stayed in my body is 36 hours. If I’m not at least 80% by then, I give it another dose. I’ve never had the flu last more than four days.

Nutrients of Carrots

Carrots and garlic have tremendous holistic healing attributes. Juicing just a few carrots per day alone will do wonders for your health. Juicing carrots provides vitamins A,C,D, E, K, B and B6 to your body and will regulate your blood sugar.  Carrots are also rich in Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, organic sodium and other minerals. Juicing-For-Health.com listed twenty health benefits of juicing carrots.  Among the list, the most outstanding to me is the benefits of blood building.  Juicing carrots builds hemoglobin and lowers serum cholesterol levels, reduces the risks of heart disease and strokes by cleansing the arteries of any plaque deposits. Juicing carrots also helps boost your immune system by increasing the “production and performance of white-blood cells.”

Nutrients of Garlic

Garlic contains rich amounts of Vitamin A, B-complex and C, contains the minerals Manganese, Phosphorus, Calcium, Copper, Potassium and Iron, Amino acids, essential oils, and glycosides.

Twelve types of antioxidants in garlic provide numerous healing attributes. Garlic is also known as a blood detoxifier, and to be effective in normalizing blood pressure.

There are numerous benefits to holistic remedies rather than going to the doctor.

Flu Fighting Foods
Flu Fighting Foods

No matter if it’s you or your health insurance that pays the bottom line; next time you have the flu, keep in mind these suggestions. Try this remedy first, and if you don’t feel better in 24 hours, go to your Physician. My experience is that it has worked for over 15 years and has saved hundreds in doctor visits and prescribed antibiotics. I never lost a friend either.

Below are some other juicing recipes that will give you health and nutrition. Enjoy!