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Unlucky St. Patricks Day

Unlucky St. Patrick
Unlucky St. Patrick

The Long Delay

The past several weeks I have been unable to blog, which has challenged my creative flow and brought imbalance to my life. I have come to appreciate the opportunity to have this balance. On St. Patricks Day I was carving corned beef and the knife slipped; somehow jumped off the meat and went across the back of my hand, severing my two extensor tendons. These tendons, as I have come to find out first hand, are extremely important to not just the function of your fingers moving, but when severed to full amputation can affect the wrist. When they are repaired, the person is put in a splint that keeps you from moving your hand and wrist. I was also asked by my surgeon,  Dr. Freedman, not to move or use the arm at all for three weeks.


Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down

Anyone that knows me, knows how impossible this is for me to follow these instructions. I have a hard time with not moving and not using my hand has been much more difficult than I ever imagined. I am not sure if any of you have tried tying one hand behind your back for a day (not sure why you would), but it is nearly impossible to function. All the way down to personal hygiene, one handed is not easy. Typing is a very slow process of the old one handed pecking, which requires significant patience on my part. I have a new found appreciation for people that have to live on a daily basis with just one hand, but I am guessing eventually you adapt. Although, I could only imagine the trauma of permanent amputation, it has been more than expected for my temporary situation.

Why, Oh Why?

Some of you might be wondering how this happened; I am not good with the carving knife and apparently St. Patricks Day is highly unlucky for me. I was carving corned beef and as I thought “I should not be cutting towards me,” the knife slipped and cut the back of my hand severing the tendons. I have no one to blame for this accident, I do have an example of why you don’t cut towards yourself. So, I apologize now for any blogging lag and ask for patience as I learn one handed pecking with speed.



Holistic Thymes wants to welcome you and we are happy to announce we are running again and we have started with a fresh plan and new ideas. We are excited about the future of Holistic Thymes and we invite you to come back each day for new posts on keeping a balanced lifestyle.